Emma’s Kitchen

    Emma’s Kitchen

    Fusion Asian cuisine to you


    Emma is a local chef and entrepreneur. Her food is freshly prepared everyday from her home kitchen right here in Surbiton.

    Emma quickly rose to the position of head chef in a London restaurant by the age of 18. After leaving the stress and long hours of the restaurant scene she had a varied career, but always dreamed of returning to her original passion – surprising and delighting taste buds and stomachs.

    When the pandemic hit, being a single mum and trying to juggle work and childcare became too much. She decided the time had finally come.

    Emma’s Kitchen supplies local cafes and home diners from her kitchen, which fits perfectly around caring for her 3-year old son.

    Her food is inspired by a love of travel, time spent living in Nigeria, and a childhood spent cooking and eating in her grandmother’s Vietnamese kitchen.

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