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    The Work App is a Digital Workforce Management App and Admin


    The Work App is a digital workforce management app and interface that we have developed. It’s the perfect tool for monitoring staff attendance in real time, your staff can see their schedules, rotas and timesheets on their App so they always know ahead of time when and where they are working. Your staff will know exactly when to start work, any tasks they need to complete at one or more locations. The App works extremely well in situations where working hours are varied or staff are working off site. Construction, cleaning companies, care homes or carers going to home visits just to name a few.

    As it is GPS tracked, employers will know exactly how many hours a worker has worked and pay the correct amount to their employees. Available in 9 languages for simplicity of use.
    As it tracks the hours worked, the App also works out the gross pay for workers ready for HR or accounts to do the wages. Employers will know in real time if their staff are late, on site, away, ill or on holiday. Should a staff member not turn up for work, they can instantly react to that situation.

    The App is very easy to maintain, and not just saves money for the employer – they know exactly how much time the worker has worked – but it is also fair to the employee ensuring that they get paid the correct amount for hours or days worked. This improves efficiency and productivity in staff whilst reports give an insight to the employer so they know that they are getting the best performance from their employees. The App has many, many more features to support employers and their staff.

    The cost is from £7.50 per user, we have a special offer on at present for 6 months usage with a 20% discount – first month free – you can see more here: https://theworkapp.co.uk/discount

    If you are ready to step into the digital age and wish to break free from dated WhatsApp groups and Excel sheets, I would be more than happy to do a presentation to show you its functions, I am sure your business would benefit from it! Please call me on 07432 836935 or email agnes@theworkapp.co.uk

    PS We have been shortlisted in the Kingston Borough Business Awards in Best in Digital Communications.

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