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Turn your ambition into action.

You’ve got bold ambitions for your tech brand. You want people to love your product as much as you do. You want them to buy it — but it’s not happening. Why not?

They’re bored.

They’re bored because tech PR is, well, boring. Jargon-filled press releases. Self-promotional content claiming to be ‘thought leadership’. Irrelevant influencer endorsements.

At Wildfire, we partner with our clients to create meaningful campaigns that not only deliver, but are anything but boring.

We call it Think.Bold — a strategic approach to PR where no-rules creativity meets data-driven insights.

We’ve won the awards, so we know it works. More importantly, we’re proud to have helped clients shake up their industries, grow into market leaders and reach record results.

Being boring isn’t your ambition. If you want to achieve real commercial impact, you need to Think.Bold.

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Wildfire PR Ltd

Created 17-Mar-2023